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I have the sort of family where it isn’t the least bit surprising that friends of mine get all the sisters who mostly don’t live near me confused. I was cycling with one Richmond friend last week when she asked me how my zombie movie sister was.  In most families, that would cut to the chase. But I do have 6 sisters, so not in mine.

That very day was my youngest sister’s due date for her first child, so I had her on the brain, and assumed Tonya meant her. So of course I said she’s about to have the baby–so exciting, need to call her.  And Tonya racing ahead says, oh how nice, her little boy will be happy to have a younger sibling, blah blah.  And I, as the large school bus rumbles by, say, “No this is her first.” Tonya sticks to her guns and says, “but her little boy….”  I suppose it’s to my credit that I was focusing on the riding at hand that it took me so long to realize that she thought I was talking about the sister I have who has a 5 year-old son and whose husband made a zombie movie whereas I was talking about the sister I have who was in the zombie movie the other sister’s husband made and was about to give birth–not to a zombie though in the movie’s last scene, she is pregnant with…something.  Oy!

She will be mad at me for this

We got it straight and burst out laughing without crashing so that worked out well. Of course, now that my sister has had her cutie-pie baby, she might feel a bit like a zombie for the next couple of months.

And FYI, Attack of the Vegan Zombies was filmed largely at Grayhaven Winery in Goochland County. Don’t let that scare you away. You’ll see them at South of the James Farmers’ Market sometimes, too.

The doldrums of August are upon us–or at least me. What better time to sip sangria and watch a zombie movie made right here at various locations in Richmond and at Grayhaven Winery in Goochland County? 

If I told you everything I know about this movie, I'd have to kill you.

I almost included the following juicy bit in Insiders\’ Guide to Richmond, coming out Sept. 15th, but did not in the end, so here’s an insider’s tip from the outside looking in: 

In 2007, Grayhaven Winery was overrun by zombies during the shooting of the independent film, Attack of the Vegan Zombies! Remarkably, everyone survived though the zombies did develop a thirst for the wine. Don’t be surprised to see the zombies return again as showings of the film crop up (a very punny, if not necessarily funny, pun) around the area, including at the Byrd Theatre in Carytown. For updates, check out

The killer instinct runs in the family....

It’s truly frightening how much of an insider I was, conjuring up nuanced and nutty nuggets about Richmond like that–and leaving some of them out.  Next month you can judge whether I saved the best for the blog or the book.

I’m back!



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