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To have sex, of course. Right there in public, outside even, along Riverside Drive in Stratford Hills, a little west of Pony Pasture.  Since that cute Yellow-Spotted Salamander is the  mascot of Friends of James River Park perhaps we should change our name to Lovers of James River Park. No, that’s ok.

I've never had the pleasure....

This photo is from last year, and it pains me to look at it because it reminds me that I struck out twice last year in  my attempts to see these salamanders who call my neighborhood home come out of the mud on a rainy night in February or March to cavort as only salamanders do.  My friend sent me that photo, but by the time I got there, all I got was a bunch of spring peepers going nutty.  Maybe this year will be the one. Hope springs eternal, in matters of love and yellow-spotted salamanders.

I’m back!