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I’ve put in my order for the exact kind of snow day tomorrow that generates more warm, fuzzy feelings than bitter cold misery. The sort of a snow day that makes people stay home from work and do jigsaw puzzles and make fudge and go for a walk and chat with neighbors all friendly-like.

cousins in a perfectly pleasant sort of snow

I have specifically requested not to have an icy day. Ezra Jack Keats called his book The Snowy Day for a reason. Everyone has heat and can take warm baths and be all cozy inside after playing outside. That is how it should be. If we get the icy, freezing rain sort of storm, then everyone, inside and out, will be grumpy because the power will go out and movies won’t get cozied up to and brownies won’t get baked. Hmm. As long as I have enough light to read by and can melt the unsweetened chocolate over a fire, I could deal with a bowl of brownie batter, after all. It’s important to keep one’s options open.

I’m back!