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Is it that obvious that I got a stupid smartphone 10 days ago and can’t make it do what it ought half the time including make the camera take a photo within oh, say, three minutes of when I press the damn touchscreen thingie and not take photos repeatedly five minutes after I’ve put the camera away?  I thought so. 

I’ve also recently  ripped up the carpet in our office in the midst of three deadlines, ransacking  the joint more than usual. My organizational skills are officially outmatched. Luckily, the wood floor that had been hidden by the carpet looks great underneath all the crap we had to move to rip out the carpet.  I’d show you if I could figure out how to make my phone talk to my computer. Good thing I have a vacation coming up so I can catch up on my user manual reading.

Ok, so I am capable of emailing myself a photo, and here is proof:

A Log Petrifies in Chesterfield

 One of my current projects is writing a piece for Richmond Magazine about Chesterfield History, so as you can see, I did some digging around and found some.  Somebody else can write the book.


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