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In today’s Washington Post Travel section, here’s an article I wrote bout fun times in River City. Fairly predictably, the online version is entitled A River Runs Through It–Outdoor Adventure Capital but when I picked up a paper copy today, quite oddly enough it is titled A Freeway Runs Through It: Natural Richmond. Really? My suspicion is some headline writer had a bad experience on I-95 on his way through town and never got over it. I can only assume he averted his eyes upon nearing a river view. I am not amused. It’s the sort of cheap shot that could start a war or something….

Being suspended 25 stories above the ground with just a couple of ropes holding you just might though. I thought I’d let the suspense build here on the blog , but no one seemed to care, so here’s a photo: 

No photoshop here....

Take a look at a post with a photo by my pal Amy Trenz on the web site of Richmond Magazine to find out more of what I was up to on Friday afternoon.

The thought occurred to me just after I did the deed that I had now completed the (just invented by me) River City Triple Play. I’ve rafted the Class IV rapids through downtown Richmond on the beautiful James River, I’ve run (and completed) the SunTrust Richmond Marathon, and I’ve rappelled the second-tallest building in Richmond for Over the Edge. Now it’s quite possible that I’m not the only one who can claim this title, but I’m fairly certain that no one will ever complete the little known Richmond Grand Slam (since I just invented it on Friday, too). Complete the three feats mentioned above AND get your statue on Monument Ave!

So Richmond rated a mention and a whole 36 hours in the NY Times last week:

Glad to see my friends at Riverside Outfitters get a shout out. I climbed up seventy feet in a tree in my backyard with them back in 2005 when they were getting started. Very fun.  Sadly no photos survived that expedition, but at least David Tate, Scott Turner, and I did. Here’s what I had to say about it back in the day:

I would love to get back up there on a warm winter day when the leaves are gone to see what the birds see, but I don’t think my bum leg is ready for that sort of workout just yet.

I’m back!