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I can’t tell you all the quirky offerings that will be on this Friday, March 15th’s tour, RVA Ink: Imprint & Impact, that we’ll debut in Richmond’s Downtown Arts District 12:30-3:30 p.m., but I’m perfectly fine with dropping a few tidbits to entice you.

It’s all about cool, artsy things going on downtown and includes lunch at Pasture. We start at Ghostprint Gallery and meet the co-owner and tattoo artist extraordinaire, Thea Duskin. Tattoos welcomed, but not necessary! Then we head to Art 180 which does amazing things with kids and art, then pop into Big Secret, a biz that does wild laser cutting and engraving, then lunch, then head  to Richmond Times-Dispatch, Library of Virginia for a special look at old newspapers and end at the Valentine to see their RVA tattoo exhibit before it closes at the end of the month. Ink in many forms. Creativity everywhere we turn. And I haven’t even mentioned the murals!
Pasture is creativity we can eat!

Pasture is creativity we can eat!

It’s quirky and creative, so it would be so fun if you could come! I’ll be leading it. Here’s the link for  RVA Ink. Should be good weather Friday, unlike today!


A parlor game I play these days is making up tourism slogans for Richmond because Easy to Love just doesn’t say anything particularly compelling.  After another dispiriting article in yesterday’s Times Dispatch where city and county planners didn’t have anything nice to say about the suburbs, yet more of them mentioned Hanover County (and Henrico and Chesterfield) than the city(perhaps because 1/10 of the planners were from Hanover), my friend Leigh Ann suggested Richmond, the thinking person’s Mechanicsville.  We should trademark it immediately.  The best suggestion from the VCU class mentioned in the article was to put a big ole Hanover tomato sculpture along I-95. Then we could start the debate about what would represent the other “soulless suburbs.” That would be so much fun. Sprawl as art. Hmm.  I’d like to see a big Robert Indiana HERE in Richmond and There? for the counties.

In an actual example of a no-brainer, I’ve crafted a sure-fire slogan for Richmond: Hey, Everybody! Richmond isn’t on the worst cities for bedbugs list!!!!   It’s true. But I warn you, just clicking here will make you itchy and give you the heebeejeebees, if not bedbug bites per se.

I’m back!