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I have no doubt it says something about the state of my dishwasher, plumbing, and mind that when I started my day Wednesday morning by opening the dishwasher to unload it, I saw bright yellow something or other clogging the dishwasher drain in the bottom. Retrieving what turned out to be paper, I saw immediately that it was the remnants of a recent to-do list that had been sitting on the counter for a few days. Always good to start a day with a laugh.

I read tips for organizing one’s brain, business, and home often enough, but have never come upon the one I’m about to give you: When “cleaning up” after dinner, do not place dirty dishes on top of the piles of paper on your countertop–unless you want to wind up all washed up. Or hung out to dry….  And I think I deserve extra points for a partially rhymed to-do list.



a misnomer based on my reading of it...

It wasn’t supposed to go this way, but I’ve found a really crappy way to start the new year. I started reading Home Comforts, the old Cheryl Mendelson heavy-duty how-to about everything I don’t do that I picked up for a song at Chop Suey Books pre-Christmas thinking it would at the very least give me fodder for more RHOME columns forever and ever. Maybe even make me make my bed and make my home office less frightening to the other inhabitants of my home. I paired that with plowing through Joan Didion’s Blue Nights. The result is feeling instantly and utterly inadequate, inconsiderate, possibly even inhuman (because I could barely stand Didion’s book–even accounting for her rotten situation and even though I had been moved and awed by The Year of Magical Thinking), and certainly unclean.

Nowhere to go but up this year? Perhaps that was my strategy all along.

I’m back!