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I wish I had something valuable to say. Instead I will have to settle for noting how odd it is that cleaning up one’s house, I mean really going into the bowels of drawers and files and cabinets, brings out the worst in me and more $2 bills than I’d ever expected.  You’d think TJ would get more respect, but nickels and $2 bills aren’t really impressing me. Sure you wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Statute for Religious Freedom and founded the University of Virginia, etc., etc., but what have you done for me lately? $6 bucks? I can find $43 in loose change without even trying.

Can't explain it.

Can’t explain it.

Just Ducky

Would that I had my ducks in a row on this first day of 2013. Came upon something I wrote in early Jan. 2002 bemoaning the lack of organization in these parts and our manic undertakings to improve this that and the other. Ducks have two advantages that we don’t–no email or paper to drown in. I think it might take some walking on water to stay afloat!

is a medal. It doesn’t have to be fancy or engraved or even made out of metal. No strings attached necessary. No ribbons. No ceremony. No podium. Just a medal.

The definition of good-for-nothing.


For doing the dishes. And folding the laundry. And putting most of the laundry away in drawers. That’s about all I seem to get done these days around this joint I call home though many other tasks beckon–or at least I think they are beckoning but it’s hard to see for sure under the piles of paper and books and such. People get medals for running races–I have acquired several of them over the years–but I think it’s much easier to run a race than to to keep doing the unglamorous day-in-day-out crapola of life where there’s no date to focus on, no cheering crowds, no bands playing, no finish line (in sight, anyway), and no post-doing the dishes snack under a tent. Want to know my folding the clothes time p.r.? That’s what I thought.

I have no doubt it says something about the state of my dishwasher, plumbing, and mind that when I started my day Wednesday morning by opening the dishwasher to unload it, I saw bright yellow something or other clogging the dishwasher drain in the bottom. Retrieving what turned out to be paper, I saw immediately that it was the remnants of a recent to-do list that had been sitting on the counter for a few days. Always good to start a day with a laugh.

I read tips for organizing one’s brain, business, and home often enough, but have never come upon the one I’m about to give you: When “cleaning up” after dinner, do not place dirty dishes on top of the piles of paper on your countertop–unless you want to wind up all washed up. Or hung out to dry….  And I think I deserve extra points for a partially rhymed to-do list.


I’m back!