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I’m not sure if I will rate more or less of that once this gets posted. In my refrigerator when I first wrote this were way too many house made Sour Watermelon  Gummy Bears. I had very little to do with the making of them and even less to do with the eating of them, but apparently I was the inspiration for them. My husband swore (well after Valentine’s Day had come and gone) that the ingredients for them (including the romantic container of grass-fed gelatin) and the gummy bear mold were purchased as my Valentine’s present. The fact that I eat gummy bears only at miles 16-26 of a marathon run (and I’ve run only one marathon and will likely leave it at that) didn’t come into play in his present planning.



My participation included buying a small watermelon and laughing at his time-consuming preparations. Also tweeting about it. And now this.

Gum yum?

Gum yum?

There’s something wrong about using my baking mold that spells out chocolate for the overflow of this abomination. They actually had very little taste–probably due to the out-of-season tasteless watermelon we employed. Luckily our daughter was in mile 9 of her student teaching marathon so she actually appreciated the gummy delivery and the knowledge that her father is still sweet–in a sour watermelon, grass-fed gelatin sort of way.

My funny husband has a thing about Mt. Everest–an obsession of the sort that thankfully doesn’t include wanting to climb it.  Perhaps I should point him in the direction of Charlottesville so he can have a virtual Everestian experience in the Barracks Rd. Shopping Center parking lot where Mt. Chipotle looms. Click on the video in this link and you’ll see what UVA grad students are up to, literally, on the three story high snow pile, and then top it off with a quick hit of the stirring song:


Thanks, Leigh Ann!

I’m back!