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It cracks me up seeing the searches that bring people to my blog:

topless beaches Spain

James River Park

park via bicycle

topless Portugal

(I have never been topless in those countries–except when I was bottomless and supposed to be–in the shower, for instance.)

Richmond Slave Trail


bad handwriting

really bad handwriting

really crappy handwriting

basketball floor wallpaper

my favorite smells

nothing ever happens

luna bar diet

rocketts landing waste treatment smell

recycled trophies using Barbies

cream puff stuffer

short pump stranger talking


segway old lady

(hard not to take it some of them personally….)

polar plunge

slave trail

sarah palin ruined the name Sarah

(and they haven’t even read one post I never posted)


and perhaps my favorite:

sausage mausoleum

(I get that one. It takes a lot of guts or hope or something to type those two words into google.)

and there are so many more…many of them gross and disgusting. Hmm. Suspect they aren’t getting what they are looking for. I can only assume I get a lot of confused people landing here. Or perhaps I’m the confused one. Based on the searches that find this blog, I could be a guilt-ridden old lady with a keen sense of smell. A polar plunging, segway and bicycle-rider, knitting hiker who likes cream puffs. And a basketball freak. Perhaps all that dribbling I did as a youth plus the knitting has cramped my hands so as to explain the really bad handwriting. I am surprised how infrequently chocolate comes up. Other than that it sounds about right.

I think that’s a large part of what Twitter is. I follow you; you follow me. Aren’t we cool? Um, that remains to be seen. Pithy I like, useful I like–it’s just such a bummer that so many people being narcissistic on Twitter takes the attention away from me.  Frown face…and a wink. What the hell, make it a double wink. (Though that might mean you or I has fallen asleep–don’t know the protocol.) I’m so promiscuous with type here in blog-land since I can use as many characters as I like.  Also I’ve never used an emoticon and I never will. 

140 characters isn’t asking much of people, so most, if inclined, can produce a few messages a day.  Navel-gazing and typing simultaneously is easier than it looks…and you don’t want to look. Nothing like the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to produce a cutting-edge blog post. Yes, we bloggers are the truly committed. Or should be.  I’d say I’m holier than thou, but we all know that’s unlikely to be true.

I’m back!