The pair of bald eagles nesting on the south side of the James River near a part of JRPS, but on private land, have their own paparazzi and don’t seem to mind one bit. The sit and flit and scare off intruders and sit some more. It’s a glamorous life on the south bank. I don’t open the Times-Dispatch Eagle Camera every day since I would not get any work done if it were in my face constantly, but it is pretty fun to pull it up and see and hear what’s going on. Every once in a while I forget I have it up and I am startled by the sound of a coal train rumbling through my office–even if it is 4 miles away to the east.

I’ve caught both ma and pa eagle sitting in the nest together, but more often I see one sitting on the eggs and another flitting around and about. The eggs are due to hatch in a couple of weeks. Just now when I went to the camera, I had it minimized so I could hear what was going on and the eagle started talking to another eagle, presumably her partner. Something like, “Where the hell are you? Get back here now!” Then some faraway sirens started up in reply and the eagle seemed to have more to say.

I have less to say. Listen to the eagles instead.