Actually I’m just hungry and tired of every techie thing known to me going kaflooey in the last ten days. I know it’s not important in any scheme of thing beyond my little brain–which is working just fine, thank you–but once the power went out here Saturday, Aug. 27th at 2:42 p.m., it didn’t come back on until Sunday, Sept. 4th sometime that afternoon. How handy that we were driving across the James River after a few days away where Irene was supposed to hit so hard there was a mandatory evacuation (and a loss of power for a day) when Dominion Power called us to say we were powered up.

It took another 24 hours for Comcast to get us back online and phoned up, but walking around our neighborhood Labor Day morning I really didn’t expect that to happen, so it was a treat to have full access to everything I need to do in the unreal world for a few hours. Then the rains came and during a huge tumult of thunder and lightning Tuesday night, we awoke to a crash, a flash of light, and a pop. The power never went out here, but Wednesday morning I noted to my chagrin that our router was fried and we had no internet once again. Blah blah, boring, I know.

Almost funny, especially when I started noticing that some people I email frequently from my phone were confused and seemed to be asking me the same thing two or three times when I had absolutely answered them. My phone started giving SD card errors and for some reason I checked my sent folder–nothing there. The outbox was chock-ful of course of emails that had never gone anywhere. Deep breath. Verizon and I sorted through that last night and all was well again. I even was able to set up a new router to get our laptop surfing again though the desktop appears partially fried. Sauted maybe? Its hard drive is intact, but it refuses to connect to the internet no matter how much I plead. I couldn’t get it to talk to our wireless printer, but today did manage to get the laptop to chat with it, so I was feeling pretty good about my lame techie skills and printing things I needed to print.

I was feeling pretty good until a few minutes ago when I went in to my business email and saw that the inbox was wiped clean. Just the inbox with hundreds of emails that might help me know what the hell I’m doing. That’s all. Think those tangled wires still outside the house are sending off some seriously negative ions or electrodes or something.

So apologies to everyone who thinks I didn’t respond to you. I did but you just don’t know it. And now since Verizon made me delete my outbox, I don’t know it anymore. Also sorry to those whom I will never email from my biz account because I don’t remember you sent me an email to the inbox that is long gone. One of my children needs to marry an electrician, a plumber, and/or a tech person.