Spindles survived Irene. Shouldn’t have kept you all in suspense but I have no power here in Virginia. Funny that the house I was worried about in NJ has electricity and is just fine while we had huge limbs suspended in power lines blocking a driveway (our neighbors’ lines and driveway; our tree’s limbs) until yesterday when our favorite tree company, True Timber, released the limbs and our neighbors. It was a delicate operation for he-men with chainsaws to tackle, and no damage to the driveway or any of us standing around in awestruck poses looking at the guys wielding their saws and ropes on some nastily tangled huge and heavy limbs.

Wandering around the neighborhood, it was easy to see that our little problem didn’t rate much notice. It is easy to notice how stupid so many people are–driving fast through intersections where the traffic lights aren’t working. I’m sure they need ice just like everybody else, but I’m going to say it’s not worth killing me for it. Not sure if that makes me ice-worthy or not. Too fuzzy-brained from all-Luna Bar diet and not enough drinking–water or wine. And for the record, I hate generators. The proliferation of generators has started a new kind of class system that has very little to do with class.