It’s time to get your money’s worth from all those Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and Final Four t-shirts you spent your money on in March and April.  Pull those babies out and take them on your next trip. They should be waltzing around every beach, every boardwalk, airport, and city sidewalk. Climb every mountain; ford every stream with one on. Take it to the streets with a bit of Richmond on your chest.

People will no longer look blankly at the VCU and think it’s Virginia Christian U or some such. Of course with the #1 Sculpture Department in the country, #1 public arts school (#4 overall), #1 Nurse Anesthetist program, Gerontology and on and on, plenty of people already knew the name and growing reputation, but now it brings more smiles to people’s faces as they remember that fun run through USC,  Georgetown, Purdue, Florida State, and Kansas–unless those people are fans of those storied programs who underestimated our guys. Then you might want to run as long as the VCU men did in the touranment.


Wear 'em out!

It’s too bad the NCAA didn’t use VCU art school grads to come up with their bball t-shirts–the NCAA tourney ones are garish and tacky–and I bought enough of them to know that.

Of course, the University of Richmond did us proud, too with its foray into the Sweet 16. Richmond should be on the map for more than just the capital of you know what. If our basketball teams keep making national news, perhaps the Weather Channel will stick us on the weather maps more often instead of leaving a void in Virginia. Don’t avoid the void, I say.