So I was in Spain and Portugal for several days with my family. I had my reasons though not my wits about me. Sure I saw tons of art and architecture and ate plenty of great (and some not so great) food and walked miles and miles, but the main thing I learned is that in Spain there is no such thing as a bathing suit that doesn’t fit. Just be glad no photos from our excursion to a beach in Cadiz accompany this. Turns out I could have kept my two piece bathing suit from when I was seven years old and worn it with pride on the beach there.

Women going topless wasn’t the least bit shocking. It was the women going bottomless (more or less) that was interesting to see–sort of.

Nothing to see

This photo is of Cascais, several miles outside of Lisbon. Not really a topless place, but bottommore, for sure. We spent a couple days lounging at this beach. I was far and away the best looking woman in a one piece. (I couldn’t compete with some of the men.) Of course, only aged and exceedingly obese women wear a one piece in Spain and Portugal, so that ain’t saying much.