My husband and I were at a social event recently when it hit me—I have no good excuses to leave anything anymore–ever. For years there was the couldn’t get a babysitter to go in the first place excuse which meant I didn’t need an excuse to leave since I never went. Or we got one so unqualified we really better get back, or gotta go–the sitter needs to be taken home, etc. Then the kids got older and we left them and didn’t want to do that for too long and then we had to leave to pick them up or drop them off somewhere and then we wanted to be around so we knew they hit curfew and weren’t trashing the house while we were gone though they were never the type to do that. At least we could use these time-honored excuses to extricate us from something we wanted to leave.

Now, I got nothing.  I’m boring. I’m tired. I’m dull. My feet hurt. Would it be better to say (or think), you are boring, and tired and dull? And your feet must hurt standing here listening to me.  Ouch.