There’s nothing like the beginning of a holiday weekend to make me feel so happy that I won’t be sitting in traffic this evening. Ah. How relaxing it is to put my feet up and stare at my computer.

A couple of Friday evenings ago several friends and my husband and I put up our feet and the rest of us at Challenge Discovery\’s Odyssey Course at the University of Richmond. The name for the 3 hour ropes course foray is Fearless Fridays, but Beerless would be more accurate. Fear there was aplenty. Beer was kept for afterwards since it pays to be sharp when one is way up high in a harness.

All Aboard!

There were 8 parts to the course, but since the lights didn’t come on when they should have, we were able to complete the 4 on what the guides call the low course. Hmmm. The low course is lower than the higher section, but it’s still high, FYI.

Teamwork is overrated.

Part of the point of the evening is to show that teamwork can accomplish great things. Maybe, but several of the tasks were much easier to accomplish with teeth still attached to one’s jawbones without other people dragging ya down. Just ask Mary, who tiptoed across the telephone pole all by her lonesome with ease while the rest of us struggled to trust our partner on the other pole. Wish I had a video. Actually, it’s better in memory–I can’t see my butt.

I do hope to return to try the higher section soon. Not sure why. My left shoulder hasn’t been the same since and it is a wonder none of us smashed our faces and associated important parts on some of the omnipresent wood up yonder.  I actually think a glass of wine twenty minutes beforehand might not be the worst idea…. 

It's better in the dark.

Thanks for the pics, Alice though more butt shots than strictly necessary!