After lots of introspection and 20 minutes of being slumped in front of  a really bad tv show, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to go on Undercover Boss. As the president of an LLC, I need to get back into the trenches and see what’s really going on in my company. I’ve lost touch with what’s really not happening. Sticking my head in that drawer over there and seeing if I ever resurface ought to make fascinating television.

After my latest conference call with myself I’ve decided that today is casual Wednesday, so I don’t have to wear shoes until 5 p.m. I can only hope that Wikileaks doesn’t get its hands on my company’s mega-something-or-other unencrypted gigabyte something else or another because what I say about myself when I’m not listening is fascinating and revealing though not quite as nutty as what I write about myself when I’m not thinking.