It’s the phone number I’ll miss the most.  The house that my parents built for their eight kids and we moved into when I was ten years old won’t be an Egan house much longer and I really can’t muster an emotional response to letting the old gal go.  That house and I never really clicked though of course I had plenty of good times there. Mostly I associate it with having lots of homework to do and dreading oral reports at school and hiding out in the bathroom to avoid doing the dishes.

Anybody home?

But that phone number.  It’s been in our family for decades. We brought it with us from across the creek, from the old sod, from the house I didn’t want to leave for this one only one block away that we’re leaving behind now. 

That phone number has such strong associations. But they’ve changed from a homey and secure vibe to a harried and hurried one. Lately the news was either alarming or there was  trouble with the alarm system–usually a cobweb triggered the thing–and no one within 150 miles to deal with it.  Phones without anyone picking up on the other line are depressing. Houses with phones that don’t ring anymore are, too. So I’m ready to pull the plug–but don’t worry, Mom, not on you! Just on these phones at 622-2056.