This year I trotted out a new approach to holiday entertaining…not giving a crap but in a real Christmassy sort of way. It worked out about as expected.

Instead of inviting dozens of folks to our caroling party that actually requires little or no caroling, I only thought I had invited dozens of people. Let’s just say that when my Comcast email says server error every other email, it means it. 

So the party went on and somehow 80 people showed up. Everything looked pretty good, including the centerpiece with the floating candles in it. That afternoon my daughter and I had found the bowl we often used for such an elegant display but realized we didn’t have any floating candles. Then we looked at each other and laughed and realized the floating candle people probably sold us a load of crap along with the candles, so we found other tea light candles, took them out of their metal wrapping and lo and behold, they floated! A Christmas miracle, no doubt.

Until somewhere in the middle of the party when I returned from caroling with the real Christmas spirit folk and looked upon the table and saw: 

What Would Martha Do? Throw it out without taking a photo, is my guess

Well, there was some good food around, and the candles were lit, but the centerpiece sure looked absolutely as disgusting as the photo suggests.  I will treasure it always. And buy some floating candles.