Which would include me, especially if we are talking of faith in my ability to buy other people exactly the right thing for Christmas.

They sure look empty...

I do get a kick out of the right kind of shopping, i.e. coming upon the perfect thing for someone in a cozy, little local shop where I don’t have to wait in line and there is chocolate on every shelf.

Sometimes I think it would be more fun than the traditional kind of gift-giving to have Christmas be a contest where everyone vies to buy the thing you know the gift-getter would hate–in a tacky, fun sort of way.  Bring it! Mother-in-laws seem to have a gift that way, pun completely intended. Apparently, daughter-in-laws do, too, as this little ditty from last year’s RHOME details:  Tree of Knowledge

And for the record, I don’t want anything–except most of the books I buy with every intention of giving them to someone else in my house though I know full well that I’m more likely to read and enjoy them.