I completely get the wide receiver who blamed God for his dropping a potentially game-winning pass in an overtime NFL  game yesterday.  God just doesn’t care about football, so he took his eye off the ball there. God is more of a basketball fan anyway, as anyone who has ever watched the guys do the sign of the cross before taking a foul shot knows. Little-known fact–your free-throw shooting percentage adds major weight to your heaven/hell score. Thankfully, I’ve always been reliable at the line. There’s a trophy in a closet somewhere that I plan to be buried with that ought to clear up any last minute heaven/hell hiccups and put me on the right side of the line.

I actually appreciate someone blaming God for his own mortal mistake more than those who give credit to God in a typically cringe-worthy way when they have some success.  The hypocritical humility is harder to take than the  humiliated football player. And sometimes God likes to play against type. Sure the player could have said, “The devil made me drop it,” but everyone knows the devil has way better things to do than watch dumb ole football on a Sunday, so why not let God take the hit, so to speak. 

I’m actually a big believer in Internet Jesus, myself. As in “Jesus Christ! why won’t this g-d internet work!” I’ve blamed Internet Jesus many a time for his inopportune screw-ups, but I have to give all credit to Internet Jesus  for my latest success. He came through big-time overnight. Had no service for hours last night at a critical juncture in a few projects. When I awoke this morning, all was fine. A few words with Internet Jesus is so much easier than calling Comcast.