Sometimes nature knows best:

Here's looking at you, hole in the tree

Sometimes nature makes a mess of things.

river wood

Sometimes nature needs a nudge from nurture to be what looks like has always been and belonged.

not quite afloat

To my eye, this sculpture by R. L. Croft looks like something John Smith left behind or a pirate ship or an oversized eagles’ nest. But whether you’re inclined to see John Smith’s shallop or a pile of wood, it’s worth taking a walk in the woods at Pony Pasture in the  James River Park System to check it out. Take the main riverside trail east from the parking lot to Half Moon Beach. There take the narrow trail even closer to the river east and you’ll see the sculpture soon. That is if idiots don’t wreck it. It’s already changed since I saw it earlier this week. One bit of wood with iron in it is no longer standing athwart the stern (misusing boat terms for fun–avoiding pirate-speak to preserve my dignity) and I chastized two males today for taking a wooden pallet from elsewhere in the park to do some dumb thing to the boat. I guess some people’s nature is to wreck things. I’d rather leave that to nature.

in dry dock for now

This will be worth checking on when the river rises, as the boat might seem to float. When it floods, part of it will most assuredly become part of another log jam downriver.