Two out of three weekend days I’ve had the pleasure of walking along the James River on Riverside Drive in Stratford Hills and on the paths of the James River Park System at Pony Pasture and the Wetlands. It never ceases to amaze and horrify me how many people who live in Richmond never see these scenes.

A Great Blue Heron looking good

The light was exquisite, the leaves were all aglow, and the river rushed and sparkled just as it should. Herons, ducks, and cormorants hung out, dogs and their owners frolicked, children rode by on bikes, and joggers passed my husband and me now and then.

Fall is a wonderful time of year to head to Pony Pasture because it’s not overrun with sunbathers. On Friday, we saw only a few souls as we walked the riverside trail not quite as far as to the bridge to the Wetlands. This morning we had a little more company, but still had plenty of time and scenery to ourselves.

photosynthesis is photogenic

So I am  on the board of the Friends of James River Park. It is my sworn duty to tell people to get their butts and other parts to the park (and while you’re there, please pick up trash and a James River Park license plate application). As my almost 5 yr. old nephew said this a.m. after romping along trails, inspecting downed trees, and running with sticks, “This is a great playground!” He said it.