Friday at 3 I’ll be up on the roof of the SunTrust building in downtown Richmond, going over the edge for Special Olympics Virginia for good ole Richmond Magazine. It was my idea, sort of, except for the Special Olympics folks coming up with the extreme fundraiser concept and getting the SunTrust building and organizing and coordinating with expert riggers (one can only hope) and inexpert rappellers so we all work together to support Special Olympics athletes. It’s  a good thing it’s a good cause cause otherwise I’m not sure I would get my feet off the ground.

I'm getting dizzy and I'm still on solid ground

Watching the first season of MadMen, with Don Draper tumbling down the side of a skyscraper in the intro, was not necessarily the best training technique for rappeling 400 feet. I’m actually not so worried about the 400 feet, it’s my two feet that will likely be the problem. Making them move in concert with my hands, to be exact. I will not be chewing gum at the same time. As long as I land on my feet…and wear better socks, I’ll be ok.