The other morning I was banging around Shockoe Slip and Bottom taking photos when it occurred to me that I could run a couple of blocks west on East Cary to get up close and personal with the SunTrust building, the 400ft. building I and several dozen other people will be rappelling down Oct 22 and 23rd as a part of Virginia Special Olympic’s Over the Edge Richmond extreme fundraiser.

That's a lot of feet.

I rappelled 90 ft. off a building when I was in high school, and a few times on canopy tours, and once right here in Richmond after treeclimbing with Riverside Outfitters but 400 feet is many more feet than I can get my brain around, much less the rest of my body on board.
This past Wednesday, as a part of the Virginia Center for Architecture’s architectural walking tour series, Look Up! , I saw the, in architect-speak, “extreme verticality” of the Central Fidelity Bank on Broad St. It’s less than 300 ft. Gulp.