I think that’s a large part of what Twitter is. I follow you; you follow me. Aren’t we cool? Um, that remains to be seen. Pithy I like, useful I like–it’s just such a bummer that so many people being narcissistic on Twitter takes the attention away from me.  Frown face…and a wink. What the hell, make it a double wink. (Though that might mean you or I has fallen asleep–don’t know the protocol.) I’m so promiscuous with type here in blog-land since I can use as many characters as I like.  Also I’ve never used an emoticon and I never will. 

140 characters isn’t asking much of people, so most, if inclined, can produce a few messages a day.  Navel-gazing and typing simultaneously is easier than it looks…and you don’t want to look. Nothing like the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to produce a cutting-edge blog post. Yes, we bloggers are the truly committed. Or should be.  I’d say I’m holier than thou, but we all know that’s unlikely to be true.