After being shamed into it after attending  James River Writers\’ Thursday  Writing Show about social media, I started using Twitter last night. I tweeted my first tweet this a.m. and the earth didn’t shake, lightning didn’t strike, and the world is still spinning round.

I’ve always thought I was a line person–at most a paragraph person–no novel-writing for me, thanks, so Twitter makes perfect sense. Some of my best essays are really lines gone good. Lines gone bad are a whole nother story. I’m happy to be a part of interesting conversations, so what’s there to lose except time?

When I wrote a piece about Richmond tourism that will run partly in Richmond Mag\’s October print  issue and partly online, I wrote several paragraphs about Richmond’s strengths that we need to build on, and then was supposed to do a hundred words or so about things Richmond needs to work on. Hmm. Hard to do that in a hundred words, so I just decided to write some faux tweets. Better tweets than rants. They’re over more quickly. For instance, I could have said, (but didn’t until now) “Richmond CenterStage, um , next time you make a map of downtown, remember to put the river that runs through RIVER CITY on it.” Real friendly-like, right? It was so much fun writing twenty or so tweets about Richmond that I knew Twitter and I would one day make cryptic music together. That day is here.

Still there is a part of me that thinks my handle should be @ughsigh, but I’ll be good…mostly. My handle is @RealRichmondVA–there’s a link to the most recent tweets down on the left  And for the record, no, this is not a faux blog post.