To reward myself for driving out to the West End on a mission of James River Park System mercy (delivering park maps to Blue Ridge Mt. Sports), I veered into the Gayton Crossing Shopping Center off Gaskins Rd. to treat myself to a little gelato at Deluca Gelato.  Given how rarely I make it out this way, and faced with too many delectable flavors in English and Italian, I was most happy to hear that I could squish two flavors in one fairly tiny cup for a reasonable price. Sold!  Frutti di Bosco (mixed berries) and Chocolate moved me to compose poetry on the spot–Um Yum.  Sadly the photo taken at home several minutes later doesn’t do the combo justice.

I think it's illegal to take a photo of oneself eating gelato while driving a stick shift so this doesn't look as good as it tasted.

And when I was in Cape May recently, I walked to Italian Gelato near the Washington St. Mall and was pleasantly surprised again by the friendly folks scooping and smooshing generous amounts of the same two flavors into my $3 serving size. Try that at Ben & Jerry’s–not happening.