Herewith another in a series of inventions I’ve invented that I really only thought of as opposed to actually making–a shower whose walls are wet boards.  I know. You wish you’d thought of it.  Take the idea and run. Make it happen.

What I’d like to see is a truly write-able and wipe-able tile-ish shower wall where I can jot down the brilliant and/or ridiculous ideas, lines, and full length speeches that come to me only in the shower.  Just as some people can really sing in the shower, I can really write there. But the second I step out and onto the bath rug, all is lost. It might have something to do with the mirror staring back at me.

You’re going to need to invent the marker that writes on the wall and doesn’t stain it or get washed away by the shower, yet can be wiped away when the time is right. It’s a challenge, but so worth it, I’m sure. Especially since all I ask in return is that you write me a check for 50% of the proceeds on your shower wall.