As an example of the kind of hard-nosed journalism I am not known for,  I have a few questions. I’m hungry, so don’t be surprised that they are mostly food-related.

1) Why does no one put black cherries in salads? (I did last night–with local sungold cherry tomatoes from Amy\’s Garden, mozzarella, greens from Manakintowne Farm, and the leftover dressing from blueberry salsa salad. Not bad.) And no, I don’ t want to Google black cherries in salad recipes. Of course the combo exists, but it’s not as widespread as say strawberries and mozzarella or green apples and red onion salad or cranberries in salads or even, yes, blueberry salsa salad. In fact, I’ve never once seen it until  last night in my own kitchen. I wonder why.

2) Is there anybody in Richmond making and selling  cool, exotic-flavored  popsicles?  Places in Durham and Nashville do. Come on, people. If I’m tired of the cupcake trend, and I am, we have a problem.

3) How unhappy should it make me that “older butt” is one of the most frequently searched phrases that lands people here at my blog?

It might have something to do with the cupcakes.