Virginia keeps shooting herself in the foot these days, ever since Bob McDonnell became guv. As of July 1st, Virginia joined 27 other states that allow concealed weapons permit holders to bring their concealed weapons into bars and restaurants. They aren’t allowed to drink alcohol in said establishments, but how is the poor bartender supposed to police that? Check for bulges? That could get ugly.  Virginians who are permitted to carry guns openly have already been allowed to bring their weapons into bars and restaurants and drink alcohol. I’m not a bit tipsy and I’m still having a hard time following the logic here, but since it’s the 4th of July I thought I’d get all patriotic and fight for more guns for more people in more alcohol-soaked environments as God intended.

fill 'er up?

I long for the day when Virginia’s gun laws allow 11 year olds with marshmallow shooters to drink in bars and restaurants.  It’s the next logical step. 

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