Something occurred to me while writing a few sizeable checks to health care providers in connection with my dear husband’s recent tri-malleolar ankle fracture etc. etc.  Now some people might be struck by their good fortune at having health insurance to bear the brunt of the medical expenses, others might be thankful it’s only a badly broken ankle and know it will get better with time. Another sort would look back relieved over the last several weeks and be thankful we’re at this stage of things rather than at the more painful ones. Some would think the pain of parting with the money hurts worse than the ankle. Still others would no doubt rail against health care reform just because they’re annoying.

what exactly are they suggesting?

I, on the other hand, was struck by the thought that I need to spend more money going places. There really is no direct connection here, but it’s just funny how we’ll spend lots of time and money for a rejiggered ankle and not even consider doing a weekend getaway. Somehow we think that’s too much trouble.  Happy to rethink that. We spent 15 hours at the hospital during pre-op, the operation, and then the long wait to wake the guy up so he could suffer some more, and all we got was a lousy titanium plate.  And competing aromas of greasy fast food permeated the waiting area. To be fair, the Saltines in the recovery area were superb. Perhaps I’m thinking about this all wrong. Perhaps  I just need to convince  The Jefferson Hotel to put in an Ambulatory Care wing, and all will be well.