the earlier they go to bed, which is why it is crucial for those of us on the East Coast who have occasional night owl tendencies to have friends in more westerly time zones. Don’t get me started about chat rooms or online crapola. I want actual conversation with people I actually know and like.

Leaving Martin’s last night near 10 p.m. and in a chatty mood precisely because I had hours of work ahead of me to meet today’s deadline for finishing the Insiders’ Guide to Richmond galleys, there was absolutely no one among my acquaintances and relatives in Richmond (except my daughter and husband who have no interest in listening to me ramble on since we live in the same house) whom I could call without getting in big trouble for waking them up. Good thing my son is in Chicago and good for chatting and good thing Nancy O’C is in San Francisco.  Pal Miriam in Chicago will be pissed off if I don’t say good thing for her, too, and it’s true, but it’s almost more fun to mess with her than be nice. Guess that’s why we’re friends.

After this scintillating bit, I know it will be hard for you to wait for the book’s publication to see my fascinating take on Richmond nightlife.  I did actually write an entire chapter on it–found much more to highlight than the Richmond Metropolitan Convention and Visitor Center Bureau’s Web site managed. Oy.  And I did stay up till 2:30 a.m. this morning, so don’t tell me I don’t know nightlife.