Sure, cupcakes are all the rage now, but Sally Bell’s Kitchen at 708 W. Grace Street has been whipping up scrumptious cupcakes since before those frothy over-the-top (often tasteless) overly decorated cupcakes were born. And Sally Bell’s cupcakes are iced upside-down, so the sugary smooth icing is everywhere you bite. It’s a tiny place in the Fan with just take-out for the heavily loaded $8 boxed lunches that give you more options and food than you can handle, including a deviled egg. Chocolate cupcakes with mocha icing are the bomb though some prefer the crushed almond or caramel or fruity ones.

Carrying home one dozen of Sally Bell’s cupcakes in their cute and classic boxes is actually a little-known workout. Those suckers have some weight to ’em.

It used to be that Richmonders had to hit up Sally Bell’s during the week or else we’d be sad all weekend, but in an exciting new development, Sally Bell’s is taking over concessions at The Landing at Fountain Lake in Byrd Park. Tuesday through Sunday they’ll be serving their typical menu and some extras like ice cream, hot dogs and the like for the pedal boat set. Call (804) 204-1501 or see the menu here. Total yum. One of the best public/private partnerships in the city ever! Cupcakes can cure all sorts of society’s ills, except obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. I wish Sally Bell’s well and have to thank Director of Richmond Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities, J.R. Pope for adding such a classic and classy amenity to the city.  

While you’re in the neighborhood, you might want to try a cupcake taste test and head over to Carytown Cupcakes to give them a try. I was blown away by their pistachio and chocolate combo when I was doing due diligence for the bakery section of the Insiders’ Guide to Richmond. The carrot cake was no slouch either and if I recall correctly, I had half of another really good one, too. That was my favorite day of eating, I mean writing. Beautiful and delicious. One of the owners is also the owner of the Grace Manor Inn, a lovely B & B in the Fan. You might be lucky enough to score a cupcake as part of a healthy breakfast there. They don’t have a lake, but there is a gorgeous pool available for guests. I’m hoping Richmond is a big enough town for all yummy cupcakes to live and laze in harmony.