It’s true that certain parts of a person shrink when his/her leg is laid up in a cast for weeks at a time–or as George Costanza swore–when immersed in a cold pool.  With my husband’s recent tri-malleolar ankle fracture with dislocation and torn ligaments, some shrinkage in associated areas was bound to happen as well as some swelling in other parts. For better and for worse doesn’t have to be all bad. I don’t want to brag, but lately my husband has been sporting the largest tube of condom-colored latex I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.

now you know why I married him

Ok, so the piece in question is a waterproof cast-cover called dry cast but you gotta have some fun–hence sneaking into the pool against doctor’s orders.

He's just happy to see me

I was skeptical, but the thing kept his leg and cast completely dry. It’s even reusable. A different color, though, might have curtailed the neighbors’ gossip when we hung it out to dry.