Ah Sunday morning in Richmond. Lovely. Woke up early and felt the spirit move me to drive up to Martin’s, our new Ukrop’s imposter, and buy some beer and wine when the rest of town is in church–just because I could.    Love how the new company is so afraid of Richmond shoppers that it tells us it’s Martin’s with Ukrop’s food inside. Not exactly.

and booze, too

Ukrop’s was never open on Sundays and didn’t sell beer and wine–just implored customers and employees to go to our place of worship (that looked exactly like a Baptist church) on Sundays.  No, thanks. I tend not to take much spiritual advice from my grocer.

Turns out, there are more heathens in Richmond than I realized–the place was packed at 9:30. These must be my people.  I still don’t like Martin’s–but when I asked about pita bread a helpful old Ukrop’s employee  brought me five kinds of ethnic bread–Naan and pocket-less pita from New Jersey–which still isn’t pita bread, but she did more than her fair share to try to make me happy.  (The fake pita bread is near the pizza section for some unknown reason.) 

Perhaps the biggest clue that we’re not in Ukrop’s anymore is at the end of the beer and wine section, where Martin’s is not so subtly promoting beer pong. I try not to take party-planning advice from my grocer either though it is an interesting marketing technique. It did make me chuckle to see we’re not in Kansas anymore. Guess Richmond’s going to hell in a Martin’s basket. At least we know how the slippery slope is lubricated….

you're not in Ukrop's anymore