So today is the last day of Stony Point Ukrop’s, pictured below. When I first moved to Richmond, this was the swanky, classy Ukrop’s where I felt out of place compared to the humble, tiny one at Chippenham. This one holds a special place in my heart since my son Luke got his first job here. This Ukrop’s is where Luke cleaned a bathroom for the first time. I think there’s a plaque there somewhere. An important rite of passage.

This one's gonna get me right here

Now that my scoop is about 8 years old and won’t hurt Ukrop’s in any way, shape, or form, I can now admit that I have insider information that leads me to believe that Ukrop’s wasn’t always true to its word. One night when Luke had been working there for several months, he came in the door and started talking quietly to his Dad. I was upstairs and couldn’t hear a thing  except the “You can’t tell Mom this.”  Well, we know how that turned out. He was terrified that I would find out (as I did) that the recycling bins out in front of the store for paper and plastic shopping bags were a bit of a sham.  Now who knows if this was company policy or a lazy manager, but that night Luke’s manager told him to empty the recycling bins as a part of his closing chores. He asked where he was supposed to dump the paper and plastic bags and she looked at him like he was a dope and said “In the dumpster out back.”  Ouch. He didn’t want me to know because he figured I’d march right into Ukrop’s and accuse them of faux recycling and he’d be fired. Didn’t happen, but between that fall from grace and getting more and more pissed when the older courtesy clerks would implore me to “Have a blest day,” I might be over Ukrop’s already…as long as I can still get me some of that popcorn chicken.