In the mood for spring which is handy since spring is busting out all over–no need to wait for June as they do in the Oregon Territory in June is Busting Out All Over! from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I spent many hours late last week working in my yard after neglecting much of it for two years. Timing my re-entry into my yard with the blooming of the azaleas was brilliant–though I have months of work ahead of me to reclaim parts of the yard that have become forlorn and overgrown–being out there amid the colors kept my spirits high.  But the work proved I’m not in yard-shape, so I’m going to cheat a bit here.

I wish I were a bee sometimes

It’s Historic Garden Week in Virginia, and to no one’s surprise, my yard isn’t on the tour. Here’s the entry that gets me turned down every time, from a column I wrote several years back in Richmond Magazine, before RHome became my column’s home, too:  historic garden rhome