For the first day in months, I haven’t spent most of my waking hours at this desk, having turned in the two dozen-plus chapter manuscript of the Insider’s Guide to Richmond yesterday. I am four months worth of  tired today.

Most people’s reaction to hearing I was writing a guidebook was something like, “Oh, how exciting!”  Who wouldn’t want to visit wineries, restaurants, and museums and such? 

pining for wine at New Kent Winery

 I certainly did some of that during the last four months, but mostly I gathered more material than I could possibly use. I even read some of it. And the computer has been my constant companion. We’ve shared a lot of mediocre meals together, especially cruel as I was writing the restaurant chapter. So now that I’ve done what I’ve done, I think it’s more accurate to say regarding writing a guidebook, “Oh, how mental-illness-inducing!” I’ve been single-minded–all Richmond all the time–yet at the same time my mind has been racing in many different directions simultaneously–architecture and NASCAR and boat ramps and art galleries and antique shops and battlefields and jewelry stores. Which means the day-to-day reality looks  a bit more like this:

looks good to me

Reading the newspaper makes you smart.

The scary thing is that when I took these photos in late February, I was horrified at how the office looked–too much like my brain–but the next month only intensified the messiness in both places.  I don’t feel the need to post proof of that.