I’ll be turning in 50% of the Insiders’ Guide to Richmond to my editor tomorrow morning, and I’m finding it hard to let go.  I’d much rather hang out with my popular finished chapters, re-reading things I know are interesting (or at least correct), fiddling with a phrase here or there–the equivalent of fussing with your child’s hair just to touch it– than slum it with my unfinished, loser chapters that are not the least bit cool and fun to be around.

I actually could send the 65,000 or so words in now, but I’m not ready to pull the trigger. Might as well wait until I’m completely cross-eyed and every part of my computer that hasn’t crashed yet decides to. Earlier this evening, in an attempt to be more than fair to a particular theatre company that is impossible to find or contact, I clicked on something on its facebook page that took over internet explorer and kept adding windows uncontrollably. Even with x-ing them out as fast as I could, I think it opened something like 38 new windows before I whacked it away. Then an hour or so later a tiny rock jammed the UP arrow key on my keyboard so the document I was in went rogue. A teeny white rock in this room?  Maybe it was a piece of a tooth I’ve ground to bits getting this done. Naaah. But writing this down is making me nervous. Don’t these things come in threes?