I need a power surge to push through to my March 15th deadline for turning in 50% of the Insiders’ Guide to Richmond. Turns out all those chapters I had happily put into my virtual DONE pile were only, to misquote Billy Crystal in The Princess Bride, “mostly done.”  And we know there’s a big difference between mostly and all the way. I’m the one who’s mostly dead.

I’m imbibing a little bit of Dr. Pepper since I don’t drink coffee. It’s not helping as much as I’d like it to. The other morning after staying up till 2 a.m. ( It’s weird to be outlasting my own college  and grad school offspring.) I arose to start the day. I thought I’d send a cheery text to my daughter who was about to come home for spring break. Sent it off and within seconds got a beep back. Wow, that girl is fast.  Um, well, maybe, but I had sent the text to myself. Didn’t make me feel all that cheery to realize how out-of-it I was. Wonder what chapter I was working on that day.  One Realtor (don’t you hate that Realtor must be capitalized and is trademarked?) dude told me I needed Red Bull…and vodka.  I think you’ll be able to tell whenever I cross that line.  Mostly doomed I’ll be then.