So I’ve finished another chapter of the Insiders’ Guide to Richmond in the way that I finish chapters these days, not actually finishing them but not being able to stare at them any longer either. Time to move on. I keep thinking there will be time to look back and go over and fix and add and reorganize and polish, but I haven’t figured out when that time will come. I do look at my schedule every day and move chapters around to different weeks to try to trick myself into feeling like I’ll get this stuff done. (Aside to editors–I never miss a deadline and it will be much better than it needs to be.)

At an early stage in the process when I was finishing the first chapter I had to turn in, I used pieces of an Equal Exchange mint dark chocolate organic and fair trade candy bar as my reward. When I finished a major chunk of one thing, I took a major chunk of the other. I’m a big fan of cause-effect relationships. Now I’m at the point that whenever I walk buy the candy bar, I take a piece. What the hell.  Get it done.  And if you thought for even a second that the chocolate bar I just communed with was the same one from a week or two ago, you don’t know me very well.