As of two evenings ago, I can get the heel of my left foot to touch my butt when I work at the typical runner’s quad stretch. Ok, big whoop, but haven’t been able to since Dec. 26, 2008 when I tore my ACL and MCL falling down a mountain. I can’t do the butt-touching on request, exactly (have to warm up first) but surprisingly, I haven’t gotten a lot of requests to do that– except from well-meaning but slightly evil physical therapists who knew damned well that I couldn’t do it after my ACL surgery last year.

So since sitting on my butt either stretching my quads or writing at a computer has been the sum total of my nightlife for a long time, it will be quite an interesting feat for me to write a nightlife chapter for this guidebook we’re all tired of hearing about.  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the quad stretch incorporated into some fierce dance moves, so I feel much more confident now…..