In no way should this reflect badly on the several impressive Richmond area B & B’s I visited recently,  but I’ve just thought of five reasons why it’s a good thing I don’t run a bed-and-breakfast. Those of you who have stayed at my house could no doubt add many more. Those of you who have dropped by my house unexpectedly (and I let you in) can add more, and those of you who rang the bell and didn’t get an answer even when my car was in the driveway,  continue to think I was out for a long run.

The reasons:

#1 I don’t care about fresh-squeezed orange juice all that much.

#2 I don’t care about coffee at all unless it’s ice cream–then I care about it a lot.

#3 I don’t care about tea either.

#4 I don’t know what to do with eggs other than put them in cookie recipes.

#5 I don’t know what to do with people–especially in the morning.