Floods are spectator sports here in Richmond, especially a flood as fast and furious as this one. The James was 6 feet over flood stage, and at that point it floods Riverside Drive around here. Roads get closed and people park nearby and have to see it.  I was downtown at Tredegar this morning and the James was chugging along much faster than the freight train above.

In my neighborhood, the river backs up Rattlesnake Creek so that it’s lake-like.  It’s fun to see what you take for granted change so completely.

change is good

It changes everything except the stupidity of some people.  So many people who live around here near the river were apparently caught by surprise that the road was covered.  Had they not seen the river inches away from the road the day before?  Saw one guy in his 4 wheel drive vehicle go through it, all manly-like. He proved his point and now his brakes are all rusty, so there.  I think some people assume the river has no right to change–that it’s a static thing, just window dressing–pretty background music.  But the river has other ideas, and pretty is only one of its defining characteristics, not even its most interesting.