Yes, in the scheme of things it’s a little hard to get worked up about the travails of writing a guidebook, so I won’t whine here too long. But after cruising through several Chesterfield County parks this past weekend and hitting some historical sites and then trying to garner some actual facts off of certain websites that will remain nameless, and not getting responses from various county folks in various counties, I’ve come to the realization that my preface might very well say, if you can read between the lines,  something like: Who cares? Find it yourself. Why bother?

Hmmm, I’m sure I’ll get a better attitude soon.  Oddly it does perk me up to come across misinformation while I’m trolling Richmond-related websites. The Richmond Marriott’s site blames the Union army for burning Richmond!!! Not true!!! And don’t get me started about my current least favorite website that my tax dollars are funding.  No parks are listed in the downtown area. Um, that’s so wrong I can hardly stand it.

Traipsing through actual parks is as frustrating sometimes as winding my way  through websites.  Chesterfield County doesn’t admit on its website that Mid-lothian Mines Park is a county park, though it is and there’s a sign pointing it out. When my husband and I pulled in to see if it was worth featuring, there was no map or markings to indicate where any of the supposed interesting features might be.  We walked up and down the path both ways for a ways and saw nothing but the backs of houses and some condoms on the ground. Didn’t exactly entice us onward, so we left.  I have since seen photos from a friend that would seem to indicate it’s a worthwhile place to go. The information age has a lot of growing up to do.