The YouTube bit from Rivers and Tides is only a small taste of Andy Goldsworthy’s work. Get the DVD on Netflix. Watch it. Watch it again. I kept it for two months–dumb, I know–but I had to see it more than once and had to make my family watch it. They grumbled until they watched it and then they stopped grumbling.  I could only send it off once I promised myself that I would buy it.

The guy is a genius. In each natural setting he comes up with something completely unexpected, exactly right, and always revelatory. After a while you might think you can anticipate what he will do with that tree or that stream. Nope, you can’t. But it’s so worth seeing and listening to him because he’s the rare artist who is articulate yet not arrogant.

I would love to see him come to Richmond for the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War and the end of slavery.   He would no doubt create something transformative with the river and rocks. Something healing, perhaps unifying.  Whether his work is ephemeral, like the ice sculpture at the beginning of Rivers and Tides, or more lasting, as in the wall that went for a walk, his art has staying power.  And yes, I do have a crush on him. His voice is killer.  Rivers and Tides. Just this once, do what I say.