With my website up and running, I did notice  quite a spike in traffic to this blog after my editor at RHome, the fabulous Brandon Fox, touted my virtual lifestyle (much better organized than the real one) on the RHome blog:    blogs_rhome.php?blogID=cdb9f7249a7fda108c8fa84958e2ceae

Embarrassing, I know. I suspect the blog traffic jam had everything to do with people who know me thinking, “That doesn’t look like the Maureen I know–let me click here to check.”  It doesn’t look like the Maureen I know either. My pals at Richmond Magazine made me pose for that a million years ago and continue to use it well past its throw away date.

My husband likes that photo. I bear no resemblance to it. What do you think that means? He also likes my high school graduation picture. That one is a nice shot of someone he never knew. I didn’t look like that two minutes after it was taken, much less 30 years later.  The guy lives in  a dream world of denial, which comes in handy now and again.

Fair warning:  it’s possible to get trapped in a circle of hell here that Dante didn’t know existed–Maureen’s life– if you keep clicking on only Maureen-related links. I happen to know that circle of hell is just south of Gluttony. There are several batches of homemade cookies in the oven–you just don’t get to eat them. Damn.  Get out while you can.