This park doesn’t get the love that the James River Park or Forest Hill Park  or Bryan Park get, and that means it doesn’t get the crowds and trash either. It’s hidden away between the little Stony Pt. shopping center at Huguenot and Buford Rds. and the bigger Stony Pt. Fashion Park and accessible by bike or foot at the end of Old Holly Rd. off of Oakleaf near Cherokee Rd., west of Huguenot Rd. Confused yet?

Well, it gets more fun when you wind your way along the wooded path, cross over a small creek and head into an often wet tunnel under Chippenham Parkway. I don’t know why it’s an adventure to walk under a highway you’ve driven over a million times, but it is. Perhaps my life isn’t as exciting as it could be.  Out the other side of the large culvert, go up the nifty set of stairs built by volunteers, and head towards the rocky creek towards the east or the waterless way south and slightly west.

The trails make mountain bikers, dog walkers, and people walkers happy and except for the occasional hordes of Cub Scouts running at us with sticks (and their not very friendly scout leaders), we had the joint to ourselves on a recent  jaunt with friends. Coming out by the entrance to Sabot School at Stony Pt.  (where there is parking for a couple of cars), we wandered about the development that seems to be in a state of arrested development and perhaps courting arrest ourselves, ambled down an abandoned road to nowhere that actually took us to the back end of Stony Pt. Fashion Park (a badly named mall that the city should have demanded link (legally) to the surrounding neighborhoods with biking/walking paths–you could still do it–then maybe so many of the stores and restaurants wouldn’t be struggling) and the apartments/condos there. It’s possible to walk through the gate and do some shopping or eating, but we weren’t inclined as we were dressed more for tromping and chomping trail mix instead of sashaying through Saks.

rusticity in the city